Hermann Otto Hirschfeld Lecture Series 2011

Modelling Heterogeneity in Econometrics

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Jerry A. Hausman

Professor of Economics at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts

24-25 October, 2011


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In memory of Hermann Otto Hirschfeld

The Lecture Series is named after a remarkable German American scientist Hermann Otto Hirschfeld (H. O. Hartley or shortly known as HOH). After starting his academic career in Germany, he immigrated to England. Later on in 1953 he became Visiting Research Professor at Iowa State College (today: Iowa State University). As a brilliant statistician he was the 74th president of the ASA (American Statistical Association). He had a lot of earnings in establishing statistics as an important scientific area at American universities. In 1963 he founded Texas A&M University's Institute of Statistics. At that time Texas A&M had no formal statistical effort.
In this spirit the Hermann Otto Hirschfeld Lectures at Humboldt-University are given in memory of an excellent scientist and an advocate of quantitative methods since 2003.

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About Jerry A. Hausman

Jerry A. Hausman is the John and Jennie S. MacDonald Professor of Economics at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. He has taught at MIT for 30 years. He is Director of the MIT Telecommunications Economics Research Program. Professor Hausman received the John Bates Clark Award from the American Economics Association in 1985 for the most outstanding contributions to economics by an economist under 40 years of age. He also received the Frisch Medal from the Econometric Society. Professor Hausman academic research has been in a number of areas. He has published numerous papers in econometrics and applied microeconomics. His recent applied research has been in differentiated products and in telecommunications. Professor Hausman has previously done research in the effects of taxation on the economy, the economics of aging, and in energy and environmental economics. His recent applied papers are on topics including the effect of new goods on economic welfare and their measurement in the CPI, new telecommunications technologies including cellular 3G and broadband, regulation of telecommunications and railroads, and competition in network markets. His recent econometrics papers include estimation of difference in difference models, semi-parametric duration models, weak instruments, and errors in variable in non-standard situations.

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